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1up, is a virtual game, a chance for a second life full of fantasy and splendor. Races exist such as elves, demons and angels within the game, and jobs such as hunters, warriors and healers etc. All you must do is put on your gaming gear before going to bed, and enter your second world. What does this game have to do with Aki Saitou, age 17, class president and number one "loser nerd" of her highschool? Everything. By day she is Aki Saitou, but by night when she enters 1up she is Sakura a human rogue. While she may look like a plain jane in real life, what the people around her dont know is past her nerdy glasses lays a beautiful girl, and 1up lets the world see her as her true self. This is a comedy really, just about Aki and her adventures during 1up, meeting new people and even people who dont recognize her from her own class room. (If anyone would like to help co-write this I'd be very happy ^^ I know I suck at writing, but I draw pretty fast :) )


November 25th, 2011, 3:34 pm

1up launches!

Today marks the momentous date of the launch of 1up! Comics coming soon!

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